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Much Ahead

Dear friends and supporters!

This prayer letter will focus on the 2024 Olympics project, however, we want to share with you some of the great things God has been doing in Draguignan.

We praise the Lord for the new people that have been coming since the beginning of the year. Please pray for a young 18 year old who started attending our Sunday services and even our youth events. He seems to have accepted Christ on his own after attending our church. Pray for him to grow and for us to guide him in this growth.

We also had a young man from Canada come to stay with us for two weeks. He had a great time and was impacted by his time here. Pray for him as he is searching whether missions is where God is calling him.

We are also excited to share that God is giving us a boy. We found out just a few weeks ago and are pleased to share this news with you! 

Paris Olympics 2024

As you may know by now, we are organizing a major outreach project for the summer Olympics in Paris in 2024.

We are 469 days away (April 14) and we are making great strides in planning! Praise the Lord, He has opened doors and shown Himself through this all!

We trust that He is going to open another door for this project to happen, and that is finances. Such a fantastic opportunity does not come free of cost. We will have a hundred people sharing the gospel and giving out half a million tracks that will have a gospel presentation and a QR code to link to a website with gospel presentations in over ten languages. But it doesn't stop there, we will also invest in geomarketing which will allow us to place ads on the phones of thousands inside the stadiums! These ads will link to the website and once again the gospel will be available in their mother tongue.

All this comes at a cost and we need your help! We are raising $60 000 for this project and we are counting on you to assist us. God will provide for this as He has already done. The only question is are you going to be a part of this great project ?


Our home church is in charge of this massive event and they are handling all financial aspects of this project. If you want to assist in this, please go to and give towards the Olympics project. Sent Inc. is a ministry of our home church and we are blessed to have a sending church that has been in the strategic planning of this ministry from the very start.

Whether you give or not, please pray for this project. God is worthy to be praised and announced throughout the world and this is what we will be doing with Project 2024 but this world and it's prince will oppose us. Without God we can do nothing, but if you pray on our behalf, we believe God will continue to show Himself powerful. Pray for the millions of souls that will be in Paris and that will be exposed to the Gospel. Pray that the Holy Spirit would start working in the hearts of all these individuals.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Jonathan and Priscilla Laase

Your voices to the French.

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