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The singing angels

Luke 15:7 Dear Friends and Supporters We trust that this letter finds you well, having enjoyed the holidays and having a good start to this new year! We had some very good holidays ourselves and we have seen God working in this new year! Fishing for souls A few months ago, we decided to commit to sharing the Gospel with one new individual every week. This new challenge has been quite a growing experience for us. It has been a growing experience in that we are now more aware of opportunities and how to bring these opportunities. Recently we have seen the fruits of this commitment and rejoiced over the salvation of two individuals in the matter of three weeks. It was the Sunday before Christmas, after the church service, a young man came forward and I was privileged to lead him to Christ. Pray for this man, that he would grow and mature in his faith. In January on a Wednesday night at church in the middle school department three young men were being disrespectful and rambunctious prior to the service. I had the opportunity to speak to one of these three boys, and ask him if he knew where he would go if he died. All three became silent and two of these boys left while the third one stood embarrassed by the question, by God’s grace, he accepted Christ that night after a good discussion with him on the gospel and its meaning. He too needs prayer as he lives in a rough, unbelieving environment, pray that he would grow and mature in his faith too.                                                                         Making new Partners On the deputation front, we have been blessed in this area too. We are now at 20% in support, and we are booking meetings with new churches at a fairly good pace. The Lord has provided for 4 meetings this past January. What a blessing it was for us, to meet new faces, other brothers and sisters in Christ and many servants of the Lord. We are excited and we look forward to meeting and sharing with many new churches and servants of God in the months to come.                                                           A new year with new challenges To close this letter, we want to thank the Lord for the past year and for what God has accomplished. We pray that this year will be as growing and blessed as the previous year was. We would ask you to keep us in your prayers. We are obviously asking for prayer in regards to our deputation, pray for new meetings with churches, and pray for new supporters. We also will have physical and spiritual needs on this long road that deputation is, pray that we would grow in the Lord in this time. We pray that God will provide for a plenteous harvest in souls in each one of your lives and ministries. May God Bless You! Your fellow servants in Christ. Jonathan and Priscilla Laase

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