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A different Summer

This summer was an exciting summer with a lot of learning! As we shared in our previous letter in July, God blessed us with the arrival of our first child baby Timothy! He is a great blessing and his doing great! He is almost 2 months old now! Of course his birth was a real game changer in our lives! This summer was a time of growth and adjustment for us and we are thankful for your prayers and for so many of you that sent gifts and money to help us with the birth of our first child! We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support!

We are also excited to share how God has been working in our Church! We are thankful to see some people who visited this spring, stay and come to know Jesus and grow in him. God is working in the hearts of many and we love being able to partake in that work and see God change lives! Last spring we had a lady with cancer visit us, after many weeks of attendance, and of ministry with her, she is now professing Christ as her savior and asking for a Bible study as well as baptism!  praise the Lord! This past Sunday she even praised the Lord for her cancer remission!

we thank God also for the young man I mentioned in our letter this spring. While he worked on Sundays mornings during the summer, he stayed in touch and we were able to continue the work with him! Since he has been able to come back and he too is now professing Christ and asking for Baptism!

We ask that you continue to pray for others that we are working with! We had a visitor last week who is seeking God and wants to turn his life around.

Finally, we are excited to celebrate the wedding of two of our church people this weekend! Please pray for them as they are now entering a new stage of life and have a desire to serve God in the future.

Please continue to pray for us and for our church as well as for the many unbelievers that we are in contact with!


Thank you for your prayers and support!

Jonathan and Priscilla Laase

Your voices to the French 

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