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Merry Christmas

Dear friends and supporters! 

We are so thankful for the Lord's birth, His life on earth and His death and resurrection for us! What a wonderful time of the year when we can ponder these truths and share with the world the true meaning of Christmas! We want to let you know that God is working in here in Draguignan during Christmas!

We had our Christmas program last Sunday and it was a great time for the Gospel, with visitors and unbelievers in the room!

We would also ask you to pray for a young man in our church who is suffering rejection from his family for the cause of Christ and is standing firm in his young faith despite their rejecting him in this special season! Pray for his faith and for his family! Pray for the Church to continue to grow!


Olympics information email

As you know from our previous emails we are going to lead in an outreach event for the Paris Olympics in summer of 2024.

We need your help! This project is truly an amazing opportunity! With the previous games in Japan during the COVID pandemic, the world has not had a major sporting event to meet for in quite a while! And the previous soccer world cups in Russia and Qatar were not great evangelistic opportunities either. This coming summer, God is opening a great and effectual door for the Gospel! 

We need your help!  We want to let you know that our home church is opening the application process on its website

If you are interested please submit your application as soon as possible, and the project leaders will go through the applications.

The cost for this trip is $3000 and it will include a tourist part in London. If you have any questions, you want to contribute or want to apply please go to


Thank you for your prayers and support!

and Merry Christmas From 

Jonathan, Priscilla and Timothy Laase

Your voices to the French.

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