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  • Jonathan Laase

A Time such as this

Hello to all our prayer and financial supporter, our friends and fellow servants in the Lord, we trust that this letter will find you well in a time such as this. I need not to inform any here of the world crisis we are facing here in America and there in France, this corona virus has proven to be a great challenge to many. We have been affected by it too, especially during this time of deputation with many meetings canceled. However, we have been able to reschedule some of those meetings and are working with the remaining churches to set down dates. We ask for your prayers in this time, that God would be glorified in our lives as we patiently wait for Him to lead us in our next steps. We praise the Lord, in that this is not wasted time, as we are learning to rely on Him and patiently wait for His work to be done in the midst of this uncertainty. Valuable lessons that will be needed as we patiently wait for souls and growth in His field.

- A French Agrippa (Acts 26:28)

In the midst of this coronavirus episode, I have had more time to pour into my relationship with a French man named Jean. I have been witnessing to him for the past few months, and we have had many conversations. We ask for your prayers for Jean, as we try to answer questions and preach the word. We have seen a lot of progress and we are excited to see

what God will do in his life. Unfortunately, Jean hasn’t made any decision for Christ. He recently admitted that he has changed over the course of our discussions from a staunch atheist to a sceptic agnostic. He even told a friend of mine that I had almost convinced him. This reminds me of King Agrippa who spoke similarly when Paul had preached the Gospel to him. Pray that unlike Agrippa Jean would accept the gospel and not leave it, pray for Geoffrey, he is in France and has better contact with Jean as they are long time friends, pray that God would give him the boldness

and wisdom to continue God’s work in Jean’s life. Pray for Jean, we continue to talk regularl

y, pray for his salvation as we continue to meet virtually.

- Our prayers for you

In this time of challenges we want to share some exciting news, we have reached the 30% bar in our promised support level and we praise the Lord for such great progress He has provided in our depu

tation trail. We also want to reassure you of our prayers for you and your churches, for our nation and for the world as we walk through these strange times; we look to God from where our salvation comes. He wasn’t got off guard and through this His unmovable plan for us and for all His children will be accomplished. If we can be of any assistance to any of you, please let us know.

We thank you for your prayers and support, and we praise the Lord for your part in our lives and in our ministry.

God Bless you.

Jonathan and Priscilla Laase

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