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  • Jonathan Laase

An overflowing Cup

Dear Friends and Supporters 

What a great period to write a prayer letter! There is much to be thankful for with this time of thanksgiving, and much to celebrate with Christmas on the horizon! We hope that this letter will be an encouragement for each of you as we share how our great God has been faithful to us and how good He has been.

Unexpected Meetings

We weren’t planning on visiting churches this fall as I am still finishing up my internship at Canton Baptist Temple which ends in December. But God brought four churches our way, and we had the joy to come present our ministry to those churches. What a blessing each one of these churches was! The fellowship and kindness of these congregations was a blessing to us, and an encouragement as we are about to begin deputation full time in January! Out of these four churches, one has already taken us on for support and we pray for God to open the doors with these other three churches. In addition to these fall visits, God has provided over 20 scheduled visits for 2020 in the past 3 months of contacting. We feel greatly blessed by these results as we have heard from many others how difficult this process has proven to be. In addition to the support received from this fall visit, Priscilla’s fathers’ church has also taken us on for support and our sending Church, Canton Baptist Temple will also be supporting us, all this combined with an individual’s support, we have already raised 17% of our support. God has been good in deed!

The Gospel at the airport 

This past November Canton Baptist Temple provided for us to take part in a communication workshop which proved to be very helpful in learning how to share our burden and passion for France! Beyond the usefulness of this workshop, God used this to provide an opportunity to share the gospel with Elizabeth, a bus driver at the Cleveland airport. It was no coincidence that we had her as our bus driver in an empty bus both on our departure day and on our arrival day. We shared the gospel with her twice and we pray that what was shared will have an effect in Elizabeth’s heart and life.

Tis' the season

There is so much to be thankful for, and Christmas is the greatest reason to be thankful with the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, please pray for our Christmas play here at Canton Baptist temple, we have been directing the kids’ play this year and we are going to present it this week. We pray that we will see many come to salvation as the gospel will be clearly presented! We leave you with all these reasons to praise the Lord, but we also ask that you would continue praying fervently for France, for new workers, and for our deputation process to be short so that we can start the work in France as soon as possible.

May God Bless You! Your fellow servants in Christ.  Jonathan and Priscilla Laase

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