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Settled Dear Friends and Supporters, what a joy it is to be serving the Lord! As you know, it has been now two months since we arrived in France. We have been very busy during these two months. We were finally able to find the right appartement and after a long wait we were finally approved to move in! What a great joy it was for us to move in this week. After many hours of work, we are now living in our own appartement. There is still much work to do, pray for us as we still have paperwork and housework for us to be settled in. -Pray for Priscilla as she adjusts to France. She is doing remarkably well in French, and she seems to be adjusting to the culture. Pray that God will continue to assist her as the months go by. Ministry

In our last prayer letter, we were just a few days away from the Christmas program, and we had asked for your prayers regarding it. Thank you for your prayers! The program went really well, and we did not have a covid outbreak, which was good news considering the situation in our area and the crowded room. But more importantly, God brought many unbelievers to the program, and they each heard the gospel, in the program but also from us, my parents and the church family, as we took the time to speak with each individual. -Pray especially for Matthieu. Matthieu is a friend of a young man in our church. This young man is eager to reach his friends for Christ. Matthieu and I had a long conversation about the things of God, who Jesus is and what truth is. He was open and when he left, he said that he had many things to think on and that we would see him again. Pray for the seed that was planted to grow in his heart. -But Matthieu was not the only one that we were able to have a good discussion with. We also had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a young lady’s family. This young lady is a 17-year-old girl that is the only believer in her family. Her family is loosely Catholic, and we were able to share with them, pray especially for her mother, as she was in tears during the program. Pray for their hearts to be transformed by the power of the Gospel. -Finally, please pray for Christian. I met Christian while helping a lady in the church move into her new apartment. After sharing with him for two hours, I invited Christian to come visit our church. I especially encouraged him to come to our midweek services, where we are doing an apologetics series since the bulk of our discussion had been on God and science. He accepted has been coming to the lessons so far. He even came to a Sunday morning service. Pray for his heart, he is a very intelligent man, but his heart is blinded by sin and disbelief. Pray that Christ would give this man sight, that he might worship and follow Christ. We want to thank you for your financial and prayer support! It is a joy for us to be able to proclaim Jesus Christ in France, and we are so thankful for your sacrificial giving and praying which allows us to be here and make His name known to all. Your voices to the French Jonathan and Priscilla Laase

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