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Bouncing Forward

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Bouncing forward It has been the marketing slogan in this post confinement and as the Covid crisis nears it's end. Rather than trying to recuperate and restore what has been damaged during this difficult time, we should seek to go the extra step and move forward. Surely this is a difficult task as many have suffered financially and Churches have been impacted. And yet the task at hand has not changed, our calling remains clear, God loves the world and seeks for all to come to him. This is why we bounce forward, the task is too Great and urgent to wait for us to wait. We thank God because he has placed partners on our way that believe the same. We are glad to say that we have now reached the 46% mark, and we anticipate passing the 50% mark before thanksgiving. 

Opportunities to pray for As we continue to go on the road raising support, we pray and search for opportunities to reach out to the lost here in the US. God has provided many opportunities, but we have chosen to share two of these opportunities with you to pray for. Ron. This august as we were traveling in the Upper Peninsula to present to some churches, we got to go out to the beach with Priscilla’s family. During that time, I had the opportunity to speak with an older gentleman on the beach. This man’s name was Ron. As we were chatting and getting to know each other, God brought an opportunity to share the gospel with Ron. He seemed interested and as we were discussing what the gospel was and what it meant, I asked Ron if he was interested in accepting the gift of the gospel. Unfortunately after having expressed an interest he backed out and refused the gospel. Pray for Ron, it seems like there is an open door there. His sister is a believer so pray that she or someone else might have the joy of leading him to Christ. Paulette. Just last week, we were in a church missions conference in canton Ohio, our home town. During this conference a man approached me and asked if I would come visit with his French neighbor to share the gospel with her and her husband. This was an exciting opportunity as I got to speak French with Paulette. After a great time speaking French and getting to know Paulette and her husband, I seized an opportunity to share the gospel with Paulette. Unfortunately Paulette was very quick to rebuke me and ask me not to speak of God with her. While this might seem like a failure, God only knows how things will evolve in the future, as we left a tract with our phone number and hope to build a relationship on the long run as she lives in town. Pray for Paulette and pray that we will be able to build a relationship with them and bring Christ into their lives. We are so thankful for each and every one of you, for your faithfulness and commitment to taking the gospel to France! God Bless Jonathan and Priscilla Laase

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