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God is working

Dear Partners and Co-Laborers,

It was exciting to see a couple in our church get married a couple weeks ago. They had decided that they were going to get right with the Lord, and it was a sweet moment for the church and their family. Tomorrow, the church will be celebrating three baptisms. One of these is the teenage son of the couple that just got married. How exciting it is to see God work in this family! Another one of these future baptisms is a teenage girl that came to Christ last year. And the third one is a man that got saved in February. Praise the Lord for His work in those lives! God is at work saving souls! Please pray for each one of them as they are facing opposition to their decision to walk with the Lord. When God is at work, you can be certain that Satan will do whatever he can to oppose Him. We have seen that, especially in the life of one of the candidates for baptism, as he is faced with intense opposition from family. As you go about your day and tomorrow on the Lord's Day, please remember him in your prayers. This past week we also buried a brother in Christ. This man had come to Christ in July on his deathbed. (We shared this great news in our previous letter.) It was a fantastic opportunity to share the Gospel with many unbelievers and it was a testimony of God's saving grace! God is at work using even sad times such as funerals for the Gospel to go out powerfully! Some prayer requests Pray for the coming weeks as we will be helping a couple settle in the region; they are excited to join our church and we are excited to have them join. We will also be helping a young man that grew up in the church as he returns to Draguignan and wants to serve in full-time ministry. Pray for me as I will be teaching at the end of the month of November at the Bible institute in Algrange. This is an exciting opportunity and a first for me to be involved in the preparation of national leadership. Pray for a young man who will come with me to visit the institute and is seeking to see if this is something God wants for him. Pray for our Christmas program we are working on this outreach opportunity that proves to be a precious witnessing opportunity every year. Pray for the church as we are seeking a new building; pray for the right building to come up and for the church to find what is most needed. Pray for our Olympics project as it is a massive project with many moving parts. Pray that God will open the doors and give us wisdom in the process. Thank you for your prayers and support! God Bless you Jonathan and Priscilla Laase, your voices to the French

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