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  • Jonathan Laase

Never too Late

Dear Partners and Co-Laborers It is with great joy that I write you this letter to share with you what God has been doing here in Draguignan, France. We recently had the joy of seeing two salvations in the last 6 weeks. God has shown Himself in a mighty way. This is the story of a man on his deathbed and a young boy. For years this man rejected Christ; his wife is a believer and attends a charismatic church in the area. He never wanted anything to do with them and for thirty years never set foot in a church except in the Baptist Church of Draguignan where he came once many years ago for a New Year’s Eve potluck dinner and for the baptism of one of his friends from our church. A couple of months ago, my father and I went to the hospital to visit a lady from our church that had been admitted. In the hallway, a woman recognized my father and said that she had been meaning to contact him because her husband was diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t given much time to live. This was no coincidence, but a divine appointment; I was unfortunately not allowed to visit this man because of covid restrictions but my father was. Praise the Lord after two visits he accepted Christ as his Savior! I was able to visit them recently with my father and she is so thankful for his salvation, but she is also scared for what life without him will be like. He is very weak but has shared that whether he lives or dies he is no longer worried but at peace with God's will in his life. Pray for him and his wife, he is obviously in a difficult physical situation with lots of pain, but we rejoice with him and his wife for the newfound hope in Jesus Christ! “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” It is exciting to see a soul snatched from hell so close to the end! It is also exciting to see young souls come to Christ! We had the joy this last Sunday to see a young boy in our Sunday school class come to Christ, during a lesson with my mom he understood that salvation was not earned or received because of your parents but because of a personal decision. He immediately asked if he could pray to accept Jesus as his savior and prayed in his own words for Jesus to save him and be His Lord. We praise the Lord for his salvation, and we rejoice with Franck over the salvation of his little boy. Pray for this boy’s mother that she would give her life to Christ as well, pray for him that he would grow and remain faithful to the Lord. Olympics 2024 As many of you know we are hoping to lead an outreach event in Paris in 2024 for the Summer Olympics. We were up in Paris a couple of weeks ago for a short vacation as well as to meet with a potential host for the project. Please pray for this project that it would be blessed by God and for wisdom in the planning. Pray that all obstacles may be removed! Thank you for your prayers and support! God Bless you Jonathan and Priscilla your voices to the French

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