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Preaching Christ

"For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake." 2 Corinthians:4:5 Since our arrival in the first week of December, much has happened! In just over three months we were able to settle in and find our place in the ministry. God has been good to us, by providing us with the ideal car and apartment. We praise Him for His provision through you. We thank you for allowing God to use you and your sacrificial giving for the work that is being done here in France. God is working! This past month, my parents were able to lead a man to Christ. He is married to a lady in our church and has been studying the Bible with my father for months. Praise be to God, he finally accepted Christ and we have welcomed a new brother in Christ here in Draguignan. But there are still so many that need to be reached. As you know from our last prayer letter, Christian is an unbeliever that has been attending our apologetics series on Thursdays. This past Thursday was the last lesson in our series. We ask that you would continue to pray for Christian. We hope that he will continue to attend, we hope that God will break his hard heart and that he will accept the glorious gift of God. He is making progress, but still holds on to his faith in science, which he now admits is faith. But Christian isn't the only unbeliever that we have been working with. Recently I started working with a young teenager from a Muslim background. I can't share much more about him because of his age and background, but he is a friend of a teen in our church. He came to a couple of Sunday services and we have met a few times since. Pray for him, as he has many questions and is also scared of what a decision for Christ would mean to his extended family, (thankfully his immediate family isn't opposed to his seeking). A few weeks ago our church decided to take advantage of a book program in town. This program allows anyone to share books with the community by placing them in specially designated "book boxes" throughout town. This past Sunday, a lady came to church because of a Bible we placed in one of those boxes. She had been seeking answers and praying that God would give her a sign when she stumbled on this Bible in one of those boxes. Pray for her. She was very moved Sunday and she wants to come back. Pay for her salvation. Also, please pray for Franck, Stephanie, and their daughter. Franck is the man who sold us our car. We invited him to come to church this past week and he accepted. He and his family came and we were able to talk to them a good bit during our pot luck dinner. His wife is very open and was engaged and interested. She comes from a catholic background but doesn't agree with the Catholic church on many issues, and she enjoys reading her Bible. Pray that she will understand and accept the gospel. As for Franck, he is an atheist and isn't interested in changing his mind. Pray for his salvation. We gave him a book to read and tried to plant some seeds of doubt in his mind. There are others that we would ask you to pray for, Jean, Paul, and Mark. These are some other people we are working with and hopeful to see God change. The gospel is being preached and we meet new people every week. We ask that you would also pray for those that we meet in our outreach and daily lives, those that hear but do not want to go further. Pray that God would change each heart that hears the gospel. We thank you for your support. Without it, we would not be able to preach Christ to the lost and edify the believers in the local church here in France. Thank you and God Bless you. Jonathan and Priscilla Laase Your voices to France

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