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We're there! Dear friends and supporters, what joy it is for us to be finally in France to start serving our God by reaching the lost, edifying the believers and planting churches! We cannot praise God enough for the speedy deputation and we are thankful for you His servants who were willing to sacrifice and follow God's leading in your hearts to send us here! The French believers here at Draguignan already thank you and by God's grace many unbelieving French will join them in their thankfulness! How you can pray As you can imagine, there are a thousand things to do, and we have already run into some minor obstacles in our settling in. We ask that you please pray for us, that we would be lights as we work through all the paperwork and all the other things that we need to do. Not only are we busy with our settling in but we are also busy in ministry. Priscilla is involved in the Christmas program as the pianist and I have a part in it as well. Please pray for a great turnout and pray for opportunities to lead the lost to the Lord. We are thankful for the opportunities to minister that we were given so quickly by my parents and by the church. We also ask you to pray for the bank manager at our bank in France. We had the privilege of having him as our advisor and assistant in the setting up of our account. What would normally take forty-five minutes took two hours because it turned out that he was a very talkative man. Praise the Lord we were able to share the gospel and he was not hostile or opposed to us doing so. He had many questions and seemed sincere. Please pray for him. His name is Philippe and we hope to build a relationship with him and see God draw him near to Himself. Merry Christmas We also want to seize this opportunity to let you know that Priscilla and I pray that God would bless you during this Christmas season. We pray that your hearts will be encouraged by the good news of Christ's birth, life, death, and resurrection for us. We pray that in these difficult times God would bring peace and joy to your hearts and families. Once again thank you for your support and prayers! We rejoice in the Lord's work here in Draguignan and there around the USA through you! Your voices to the French Jonathan and Priscilla Laase

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